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Perception Physical Therapy
Two Ways to Manage Your Surgical Experience
  • Pre-Operative (Pre-habilitation)

  • Post-Operative (Re-habilitation)

Pre-operative (Pre-habilitation)

Surgery is hard on your body. With a few weeks of physical therapy BEFORE surgery you can go in stronger and recover better after.

Post-operative (Re-habilitation)

Surgery results in swelling, tightness, weakness, and pain. Now that your problem has been addressed through surgery you want to take care of the surgical site as your body heals. You also want to re-teach your body the best way to move to get the most out of your surgery. What can you do? When can you get back to what you love? This is all addressed in post-operative physical therapy.

What Surgeries We Manage

We treat all surgeries for pre- and post-op care. Surgical care can be a very intense experience. There can be a lot of pain and limited movement for a long time. Feeling supported by your care team is important.You get to choose who treats you. You choose your surgeon and you choose your physical therapist. You can see any physical therapist you like, just let your surgeon know.

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