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Meet Our Therapist

Perception Physical Therapy

Corina Carlson

Owner, PT, DPT, PRC, CLT

Corina graduated in 2000 from the University of Vermont with a Bachelors in English, worked in the outdoor industry for many years, then graduated in 2014 from Northern Arizona University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.


Corina specializes in human movement and performance, respiratory patterning, and cognitive perceptual awareness. She is certified through LSVT Big® and the Postural Restoration Institute®. Corina is also a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT).

Corina sees each person she works with as an individual. No two people are the same. She enjoys getting to know her patients through one-on-one treatment and the creativity of designing individualized therapy programs.

She opened Perception Physical Therapy LLC in March of 2020. By addressing underlying problems of asymmetry she strives to address the problem, instead of managing the symptoms, so her patients move better and live fuller lives.

Corina is the physical therapist for the Alaska Rock Gym Competitive Climbing Team.


In her free time Corina enjoys rock climbing, singing, and playing chess

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