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Functional Performance

Perception Physical Therapy
What is Functional Performance?

Functional Performance is the systematic way you think about your activity or sport to over come plateaus, limit injury, and reach goals.

Start with an evaluation.

We look at how your body moves, any limitations and underlying asymmetries  you may have, and how your brain makes decisions to control that movement. Then we look at your sport or activity of choice and tease out your body's untapped potential. 

Follow-up with a customized training program.

Based on your activity of choice, body type, prior injuries, and goals we augment your current training program. We may make additional recommendations for shoes or orthotic inserts for sport specific shoe wear. We recommend up to 4-6 follow-up sessions to progress your customized program to meet your performance goals. 


Evaluation: $200

Follow-Up Session: $200/each

Schedule an Evaluation or Follow-Up appointment.

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