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Sports Rehab

Working Together For Your Sports Rehabilitation

The team at Perception Physical Therapy loves working with athletes. Many athletes, of any age or ability, are in tune with their bodies. They know how their bodies move and work through the various complicated and advanced movements required for sports. Unfortunately, sometimes athletes become injured, due to the strain many sports can put on the body. No matter your injury, the team at Perception Physical Therapy is here to help with your sports rehabilitation. We are happy to treat acute injuries, such as sprains and strains, as well as overuse injuries that can develop over time. Whether you have tweaked a knee, or have developed tennis elbow, our professional and caring team is here to help.


Our sports rehab takes a different approach to healing. While we certainly want to improve your overall state of health, we are also focused on being able to prevent injury in the future. Often, sports injuries occur because of an unbalance in the body. A person may be putting too much stress or strain on one particular part of the body, or may be moving the muscles incorrectly. After working with you to heal your injury, our team will focus on your general mechanics as part of your sports rehab. This means we will examine the way you move through your various athletic motions, to identify and change any problematic movements. By correcting even the most basic movements, we can help you become healthier and injury free in the future. When the body is working in harmony together, there is less of a chance that you will become victim to a sports injury.

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