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Physical Therapy Anchorage

A Different Kind of Physical Therapist

The team at Perception Physical Therapy is happy to be labeled as a different kind of therapist. While we certainly have the ability and skills similar to any therapist, the way we view injury and rehab is completely different. Led by our professional team of certified physical therapists we are able to treat a wide range of injuries. We specialize in injuries related to the shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands. Further, we can help treat the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and groin. Our team is happy to examine any injury that you may have sustained to your neck, head, or back as well. Aside from physical injury, our team is able to help treat systemic disease that may be causing discomfort in the body's soft tissues. We have the ability to help with surgery recovery as well as help with neurological disorders too.


Through a variety of techniques we are able to not only heal your current injury, but help to prevent future injury as well. Our physical therapy Anchorage team cares about your overall mechanics. This means we focus on the way you move and balance your weight. Often, simply changing your current foot position, posture, or gait when walking or running can help treat a variety of overuse injuries. Not only will this help heal your current injury, but it can help to prevent an injury in the future. Like traditional physical therapists, we are also able to work through several stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as practice dry needling and manual therapy to help improve and heal your current injuries. For the best physical therapy Anchorage has to offer, trust the team at Perception Physical Therapy to provide insightful and innovative treatment techniques. Not only do we care about focusing on your current injury, but we want you to be able to live a healthy and injury free life in the future.

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