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Neck, Upper Shoulders, Upper Back

Perception Physical Therapy
Common Conditions
If you don't see your condition listed please call or email us.
  • Disc Issues

  • Neck Pain

  • Neck Stiffness

  • Nerve Impingement/Entrapment

  • Whiplash

  • Surgical Pre-Operative Prehab and Post-Operative Rehab

Neck, Upper Shoulders, and Upper Back Mechanics

Your neck moves in three dimensions and is the upper part of your spine. It’s connected to your middle and low back and, therefore, is affected by how well the rest of your spine is moving. 


Your neck has many muscles that are connected to your jaw, shoulder, ribs, and lower spine. These muscles are meant for movement so you can respond to what you see, hear, and how you move your mouth. That means your jaw, shoulder, ribs, and lower spine can influence how well your neck moves. How well you hear and see can also influence your neck movement.

We appreciate this entire movement system, not just the individual parts, and personalize a program for your body. We will even work with a dentist and/or optometrist to get you the resources you need.

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